Fraternity, the Third Principle

The third core principle of the order is fraternity. Our charitable works, meetings, and social events serve to bond new members to their brother Knights as we interact to achieve a common goal, or just to enjoy each other’s company.  Having our own council hall allows us to hold more events than most parish based councils.
We operate a very successful Bingo program which, beyond raising over $80,000 a year for charity, is probably the best way for a new member to meet and bond with his new brothers.  We work together for a common goal, but there is also time during the evening for some social interaction as well.  Those who choose to work until the end of the games enjoy a dinner together provided by the Bingo committee and usually prepared by one of our dedicated brothers.
Working on a variety of charitable projects, such as the Tootsie Roll Drive (Citizens with Disabilities), pro life projects, etc. will make you feel good while you do good, at the same time developing an esprit de corps.
Quarterly, the council hosts a Sunday Mass and Communion Breakfast. Mass is at 9:00 AM sharp followed by breakfast immediately after Mass. This is a very complete breakfast, not just doughnuts and coffee. Our dedicated kitchen crew makes sure nobody leaves hungry!  Attendance normally is well over 100 Knights and family members and well behaved children are always welcome. At the end of the breakfast volunteers convert the hall back to the Bingo configuration for Monday Bingo.