New Email Address:
          Our new email adress is  All other addresses are obsolete
          and no longer monitored.

Who We Are:
         We are Catholic men who want to be involved
        We are committed to our principles
        We are open to both seasonal and permanent residents
Our Principles:
        Charity – we donate over $125,00/yr. to mostly local charities
        Unity – together we make more impact than we do as individuals
        Fraternity – We can count on each other due to the bonds built over time
Meetings: (open to members only):
        General Meeting – First Tuesday, dinner at 6:30PM, meeting at 7:00PM
        Officers’ Meeting – Third Tuesday at 7:00PM, open to all council members
        CBA Meeting – Second Wednesday at 7:30PM building maintenance & improvements
Join Us or Learn More:
        Click on “Joining the Knights” button to the left and fill out the form. A knight will get back to you within a few days.