Our Principles

The first principle of the order is charity. It is one of the primary purposes of our council and it is the first principle that must be perfected in order to progress as a Knight. Our council supports several charities nationally, but more importantly, we support many local charities.
Our largest single charitable effort is the operation of two Bingo nights every week of the year. This is a big effort and requires 15 to 20 members each night. Bingo is expensive to run, requiring competitive prizes, a well maintained hall and a pleasant, friendly environment. However, it enables us to donate well over $100,000 a year to local charities.  For More information and photos, see the "Bingo" button along the left edge of your screen.
To see lists of charities we support click on the "Faith in Action" button .
The second core principle of the Knights of Columbus is unity.   Members of the Knights of Columbus all know that – together – we can accomplish far more than any of us could individually. So we stick together, we support one another. That doesn’t mean that we always agree or that there is never a difference of opinion. It does mean that – as a Knight of Columbus – you can count on the support and encouragement of your brother Knights as you work to make life better in your parish and community.
The third core principle of the order is fraternity. Our charitable works, meetings, and social events serve to bond new members to their brother Knights as we interact to achieve a common goal, or just to enjoy each other’s company.  Having our own council hall allows us to hold more events than most parish based councils.
Our very successful Bingo program is probably the best way for a new member to meet and bond with his new brothers.  We work together for a common goal, but there is also time during the evening for some social interaction as well.  Those who choose to work until the end of the games enjoy a dinner together provided by the Bingo committee and usually prepared by one of our dedicated brothers.
Working on a variety of charitable projects, such as the Citizens with Disabilities Drive, pro life projects, etc. will make you feel good while you do good, at the same time developing an esprit de corps.