Charity, the First Principle

The first principle of the order is charity. It is one of the primary purposes of our council and it is the first principle that must be perfected in order to progress as a Knight. In order to fulfill this requirement our council supports many charities nationally, but more importantly, we support several charities on the local level. Charity does begin at home.
Our largest single charitable effort is the operation of two Bingo nights every week of the year. This is a big effort and requires 15 to 20 members each night. Bingo is expensive to run, requiring competitive prizes, a well maintained hall and a pleasant, friendly environment. However, after all expenses are covered, it enables us to donate well over $100,000 a year to local charities. In total, the Knights of Columbus has raised over a billion dollars for charitable causes. For More information and photos, see the Bingo tab along the left edge of your screen.
Among the charities Knights support are:
Lifeline / Birthline  – This organization is a pro-life alternative to Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the U.S. and a promoter of the “Culture of Death”. This organization  provides counseling, ultrasounds, prayer, and support to women and girls at a very difficult time.
A.R.C. (formerly Assn. for Retarded Children) – Previously focused on children, today this organization extends services to all citizens with disabilities.  The “Tootsie Roll Drive” is how we are probably best known to those who are not Knights.  Our council in recent years has raised about $5,000 yearly, most of it going to this organization.
Hope Rural School - Located thirty miles from West Palm Beach, serving Okeechobee, Belle Glade and Stuart. Migrants and immigrant farm workers have called it home for decades and continue to claim it as a refuge from the economic hardships in their own countries. Its mission: to educate primarily, but not exclusively, children of migrant/immigrant farm worker parents. The school covers Pre-k through fifth grade. We support the school through cash, food, and supplies, for both the school and the families. A dedicated group of Knights make the trip to Indiantown every 2-3 weeks.
Local Parishes – In addition to our other charities, our local parish priests can, and do, call on us to support a wide variety of parish charitable efforts.
Special OlympicsOver the past 40 years, the Knights of Columbus has raised and donated more than $382 million to programs for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Among the larger gifts of time and money the Order makes annually is to Special Olympics and other programs for people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. 
U.S.O. - Its purpose is to lift the spirits of America’s troops and their families.  Knights continue to support the military, through the printing of more than 400,000 prayer books for troops and through extensive support of the Archdiocese for Military Services, USA, through support for the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., and through the current program of wheelchair distributions for veterans.
Support Our Troops - Sending a little bit of "home" to troops currently serving in theaters of combat with toiletries, snacks, and writing materials.We support the local North Palm Beach chapter in collection items and preparation of packages for shipment.
V. A. Hospital - Both the council and our brothers in the Fourth Degree Assembly 0155 financially support the local V. A. Hospital as well as volunteer in a variety of rols at the hospital.