Faith  Catholics are searching for ways to further develop the ministry of our Church. If these good intentions are going to bear fruit; if the Church is going to not only exist, but thrive in today's society, men and women throughout our communities must come forward and take an active part.  To further develop the faith of our members and parishes we sponsor the following programs:
Annual Council Retreat
St. Francis Church's St. Vincent De Paul Programs
Bible Study Program Evangelization Ministry
Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center Poor Clare Monastery
St. Clare Church Programs St. Francis Choir
St. Patrick Church Programs St. Francis Church Programs
FAMILY The nuclear family is under heavy attack today. The battle is largely over values and commitments. To survive, the family needs support, Its primary source of strength must be found in a growing religious and parish life. But it also can be helped substantially by knights.  Our council offers programs that strengthen family.
St. Clare Family Breakfast Knight of the Month
St. Patrick Family Breakfast Family of the Month
Prayer List For the Sick Several Scholarship Programs
Food For Families Keep Christ in Christmas Program
Council Christmas Party  
COMMUNITY Wherever we live, we all have our own perceptions of "Community." Usually, these perceptions are formed by the concrete reality of the world immediately around us.  It is the place we call HOME . Every individual in our council has a voice in shaping the world around him and every individual can make that voice heard. We express our commitment via support of the following programs.
Bingo Program Veterans & Military Support Programs
Blood Donor Program Funeral Receptions for Members
Kin Doo Community Center Citizens With Disabilities Drive ( a.k.a. Tootsie Roll Drive)
Dinner-Dances ( 50s, New Years, Super Bowl, St. Patrick, & more)  
PRO-LIFE  Our Pro-life chairman personally contacts local organizations offering assistance they request in the fight against The Culture of Death.   We raise funds for pro-life organizations which help convince pregnant women to carry their babies to birth rather than to abort them.  
Birthline-Lifeline Pregnancy Center Face Life
CBR Canada & Southeast High School Poster Contest
Right to Life Booth at South Fla. Fair Pro-Life Billboards
March For Life & Attendees Support Pro-Life Activist Award
Created Equal Center Pro-Life Literature
Culture of Life Center Unborn Memorial Maintenance