The FUN  Bingo in Palm Beach County
Raising Funds for Charity
The  major fund raising program for our council charities is our Bingo program which is run every Monday and Friday evening at the council hall.  Doors open at 4:30 PM. Bingo game paper is sold starting at 5:15 PM.
It is suggested that you arrive by 6:00 PM to purchase your paper for the games, find your friends, favorite seat, and be ready to play when Bingo starts  at 6:30 PM. A Bingo "Starter Pack" is sold for as little as $16.00 which allows you to play 27 games which have payouts of $1,700. There are an additional 20 games available as well.  Three games pay out $250.00 each and there are many more surprise payout amounts. Special games, "Holiday Celebrations", birthday game gifts and many other benefits given to the bingo players. It is a great social night for all, so everyone is a winner! No additional players are admitted after 7:00 PM.  A snack bar offers refreshments, burgers, sandwiches and salads, with desserts available. In large part because of our loyal Bingo patrons, we are able to donate well over $100,000.00 to mostly local charitable causes.
Our very successful Bingo program is probably the best way for a new member to meet and bond with his new brothers.  We work together for a common goal, but there is also time during the evening for some social interaction as well.  Those who choose to work until the end of the games enjoy a dinner together provided by the Bingo committee and usually prepared by one of our dedicated brothers.
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